Surviving Holidays Nason-style, Luda, Pizza and More

So after almost two weeks, three holidays and surviving an office plague, to quote George Costanza, I’m back baby…I’m back!

Much like y’all, I managed to get through the holidays or as I like to refer to it, the fun days that get in the way of work. Seriously, in five years of working a tight winter schedule, this year has been miserable for holiday work hours. But as much as I think my schedule is tough, I think about the police, fire, hospital workers, midgets dressed as elves, etc. and I guess I have it a’ight.

But needless to say, I’m happy that the holiday season is over. Here’s a wrapup: my mom cried twice on X-Mas partly due to a mixup over when my brother and I were supposed to show up which wouldn’t have been a problem if I hadn’t had a game to work on Sunday, I had to work on New Year’s Eve, barely making it to a party 10 minutes before midnight and having to work a full-day on New Year’s Day with a huge hangover. So to say that I was happy to let this time of year pass is an understatement. (Seriously…crying!)

I think it might be impossible to truly enjoy the holidays unless you’re a kid or an old person, arguably the two most enjoyable and stress-free ages in life (if you play your cards right). I mean, kids get school off, eat a sh*tload of cookies, and look forward to an equally-big sh*tload of presents, most of which. Old people have no real daily schedule, enjoy watching their grandkids eat their cookies and enjoy their presents they barely need. How are they similiar? They both generally enjoy living life and the effort others put into making their lives as meaningful as possible. The rest of us? We’re the middle-men responsible for making both those ends possible. It’s a sometimes-thankless job, but we manage to make it through. Don’t we?

Another monumentous occasion this week? My 27th birthday, which I celebrated (if that’s the word) on Tuesday. While these days are a big deal to some, those people usually have their birthdate on a cool date. Mine is less than two weeks removed from Christmas and a scant four days after New Year’s. Everyone’s spent out and drank out by the time January 4th comes around. I need to be like a president or Martin Luther King and have my birthday recognized on a different day than it actually took place. Now that’s celebrity. Seriously, I’m making a mental list of “Reasons To Throw A F**kin’ Huge Party” and working the past five New Year’s Eves and having a huge birthday bash are right up there.

Enough about me though…here’s some random thoughts:

–I hope to unveil some new things here in the next few weeks, including a new website, potentially. More to come…

–You make pizza at home? Yeah, I barely do too. But you notice how it’s impossible to find anything other than an overpriced Boboli crust at the grocery store? Seriously, in this era of cracking down on corporate monopolies, why doesn’t anyone take down the Boboli pizza empire? (In case you can’t tell, winter makes me a bit loopy.)

–As I mentioned above, old people have a great life. However, hearing them ramble on about old stories when you know the unwilling listeners couldn’t care less is a bit awkward. I know you’re like, “Wow, that’s mean.” But seriously, we all know the feeling; it’s bad on both ends. Case in point: I was at the doctor’s office the other day when I overheard the person next to me replying to a run-of-the-mill doctor question that ended up with some story about he used to own a mum company, put flowers in people’s mailboxes to spread his business name around and randomly cancelled an order of 1500 mums last spring. Yeah, it was that random. Seriously, it went from “How are you?” to a story about flowers in five minutes. Getting to 30? Doesn’t scare me. Getting to 50 or 60? Goosebumps and chills.

–On the other end of that spectrum, I was at Best Buy the other night and was privvy to a loud conversation from some white trash who were SWEARING up a storm, talking on a cell to someone that had earlier claimed the group stole a check from him. From my own reaction to those around me, I just felt the uneasiness in listening to this guttertrash talk about this situation and how all of us were collectively thinking the same thing, while at the same time doing nothing. In America, we often talk about the price for freedom and how morals have laxed in recent decades. Most of our generation rolls our eyes at that notion (partially over not really understanding the formative years of our parents), because the thought of being restricting in what we can hear, say or do is almost criminal.

Daytime talk shows and soap operas barely warrant leaving the cable box on, basic cable has truly become the real network tv landscape and therefore shedding the tagline of ‘We can do anything because we’re not on network tv’ and the internet alone have completely desensitized us to almost everything. But there is a price to be paid for that, which is outbursts like I heard at Best Buy. Whose responsibility is it to take care of issues like this? Store management? People in line? Or is it even an offense to be taken care of? Is it ok to swear in places that only adults will be in (the bar, fancy restaurants, the adult section at the movie store) or because of our society’s bar-lowering of what is decent, is anywhere fair game? See, these are things I think about while shopping. How about you?

-And finally, your weekly version of a semi-regular new feature, “Yep, I Actually Heard This.”

At Best Buy…

Salesperson: “Can I help you?”

Random white wannabe hip-hopper with anorexic white fly girl: “Yo, do you have the new Ludacris album?”

Salesperson: “No. We’re all sold out.”

Until next week…thanks for readin’,



3 thoughts on “Surviving Holidays Nason-style, Luda, Pizza and More

  1. Sorry, while a good idea, the inaugural ‘i actually heard this’ was kind of lame. i’d keep paper and a pen on you at all times this week.. or make something up. Hey, I’m sure Bill Simmons does that from time to time too.

    -(lil) nase

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