A blog about nothing

I have zero for y’all this week. We had four games in seven days, so unless you want to hear about hockey, I got zero. A few random notes to tide you over, mostly focusing on TV since I like the fact it can think for me whenever I press the on button…

–I always wondered if it was possible that The Simpsons might be wearing out their comedic welcome. After seeing a little bit of this season, it’s possible. One of the best shows on TV has finally lost its edge.

–Speaking of tv, if you’re not hooked on “The Contender,” then you and not Mike Jackson should be on trial. The show is friggin’ awesome. It’s right up there with “The Apprentice” and “The Ultimate Fighter” as my three must-watches of the week. I don’t need a TV gal to tell me that either.

–Thanks to the snow (or rather the fear and crisis the local meterologists helped fester this weekend), we got killed at the box office this weekend. I mean, slaughtered. All because of the threat of 12-24 inches that never fell. If you don’t see me sacrifice a weatherperson on air by the time I’m 50, I’ll give you all $5 canadian.

Uhhh…that’s about it. I’m done.

-thanks for reading,

One thought on “A blog about nothing

  1. Do you really think TVgal would ever (and I mean EVER) recommend a “wrestling” thing? And I do mean EVER? I mean, really, now, do you?

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