It’s Great.

Call me Random. Random McRandomton this week. Next week’s entry will be one of the more controversial of all and will get you talking on Monday AM. The working title: M.M.O.M. You’ll see. For this week, just a mish-mash.

Now…TWIB Notes!

–A leftover from last week: Working in the arena, we occasionally get to see some big-names walking around even though they mostly are kept at bay for obvious reasons. Last week though, WWE wrestler Triple H was in the house doing some press for a pay-per-view that is happening here in May. Anyone that knows me understands that I used to have an obsession with wrestling, watching up to 10 hours a week at the highest point. I became a part-owner of a wrestling promotion that never got off the ground. I was addicted, but then with time, the storylines made me lose interest and the talent wasn’t allowed to actually perform to the best of their capabilities. I won’t go into further details which I’m sure would excite you to no end, but know that I basically have scaled back quite a bit. Still, meeting Triple H (even though I believe he’s played a huge role in the industry’s collapse) would have been a huge thrill.

So there he was, 10 feet away just sitting on a couch reading a magazine. And I couldn’t muster up the nuts to go shake his hand. Why? Not sure. Even when he walked past me upstairs, I was speechless and frozen. I couldn’t even muster a ‘Hey, how are you doing?’ I’ve met some famous people before, but had nothing in the courage tank. I talked about it afterward to some friends and we came to the conclusion that just going up to a celebrity and introducing yourself for no reason is a bit of an intrusion on them and also kind of awkward.

This aspect of celebrity fascinates me: their job is to entertain people and this somehow makes them untouchable in the normal day-to-day interactions with other people, not by their own hand but by people like myself who think they wouldn’t even care to meet a fan. I often wonder what would happen if I became famous. I hope that I would take the opportunity to seek other people out and say hello rather than wait for them to come to me. I’m sure everyone says that, but ends up covered up by publicists, assistants and makeup people. Someday, I’m going to work on a ‘Level of Celebrity’ column to really distinct who’s untouchable and who should be offering to buy you a beer in any situation (like every MTV reality ‘star’). In the end, I’m sure HHH would have been cool with a handshake, a minute of conversation and the offer for me to become his man-servant…I mean, good friend. So I didn’t meet Trips and felt like a heel for not breaking through the fan barrier. Maybe next time…

–Speaking of celebrity, I caught the first few episodes of Project Greenlight, the show that gives struggling writers/producers the chance to make it big through getting selected to make a movie. Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and a jerk named Chris are the producers. While the show angers me every time I see it due to its painting everyone in Hollywood as pretentious a**holes, the head-shaker of this season is a now laid-back Affleck. Decked out in an awkwardly-adorned backward hat, trendy t-shirt, camoflauge paints and new beard, Ben wins the ‘I’m trying too hard to act like I don’t care’ award. What happened to this guy? He had a good run a few years ago and was one of those male actors that crossed over to women that wanted him and guys that thought he’d be cool to hang around. Did J-Lo ruin him this badly? Was that the turning point?

Anyway, that’s my Ben Affleck thoughts. Hope you enjoyed them. And if you want to get your blood boiling, watch Project Greenlight which does a great job at making you hate the people that make movies.

–It’s Sunday night and more people from That 70s Show are on Hollywood Hold ‘Em. I have a feeling that the True Hollywood Story on this group will be pretty good. There’s a lot going on there. I’ve seen the show twice, by the way.

–Is it time to look for a new job when your boss says, “You know, you’re at a crossroads in your career”?

–Thoughts on vodka and Red Bull: being drunk and wanting to play basketball all at the same time. My new favorite drink, even though it helped add to me not knowing how to work my cell phone Saturday night. I was going to text somebody and realized I had no idea how to do it. Two words: Black. Out.

–On a final note, while it was sad to see UMaine go down in the NCAA Frozen Four tourney, it was satisfying to see UNH lose again and also the Duke Blue Devils collapse. It’s UNC time, baby!

thanks for reading,

p.s. – check out the CK blog this week, linked to the right. He actually wrote something!


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