Cleanup on Aisle 7

No real central topic this week, but a clean-up of some outstanding material…

–I got a few comments on the column last week, most surrounding the ‘You know, I tried that once’ deals. But one friend did say that I might have offended any female readers on the list as he took it as I believed that all female Matchers should be hot and list full body shots, etc. Then again, he was really hungover when he dropped this knowledge, so who knows?

Obviously, I know places like Match and the dating scene in general is full of people of all shapes, sizes and personas. That’s what makes meeting people fun. And yes, I’m sure there are many deceptive guys on Match who aren’t exactly fitting the bill of what they list either. I’d actually like to read or hear from a girl that tried Match to see if they ran into some of the same issues. Do guys have as much to hide as girls do? Probably, but I’m very interested in seeing how. There is a marked difference for the most part in how guys and girls approach dating, so to hear a female Matcher’s thoughts would be sweet. If it happens, I’ll let you know.

So if I did offend you, sorry. However, I will caution everyone that this is unedited thought streaming for the first part and not meant to be politically correct by any stretch of the imagination. While I care about my friends deeply, this is meant to be my thoughts and holding anything back would make doing this pointless. If my thinking is seen as something that could be detracting to me, then let that be my choice. I can handle myself, yo.

–It looks like some changes in people’s lives that I know may make for some good upcoming blogs.

–I’ve been accused by most of not using proper cell phone etiquette as in not answering my phone at all. I have a love-hate relationship with cells as they provide a great service but also make you accessible pretty much anywhere in the world. What did the world do before cell phones? Has there been a more influential invention? Everyone has one and it’s spawned a new billion-dollar industry. It’s also provided us with more car accidents, annoyances and drunk dials then it was intended for as well.

Part of the cell revolution is the enhanced use of caller i.d. and saved numbers. Now, there’s mostly no mystery in who is calling you. I hate it because it gives me an excuse to screen calls when I don’t feel like talking to anyone which is pretty much all the time. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of answering the phone in general unless I’m ready to talk. IM’s or text messages? I’m down. A cell call? Ugh.

And yes, I fully expect to never get a call again.

–The Summer of Nase ’05 is starting to shape up with a trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, a trip to Chicago to see one of the Cubs/Red Sox games and a Sox/Yankees game in Fenway in July. All that and a possible return of THE GREATEST SUMMER PARTY OF ALL TIME and this could be a red-letter summer.

–Speaking of summer, we got the idea to barbeque today and found that not one but two grocery stores were out of burger buns. Apparently, everyone had the same idea today. Now if we all got the same motivation to end world hunger or homelessness as we do grilling burgers, a lot of issues would be solved.

–After watching the VH1 storyteller edition of Green Day performing their American Idiot rock opera, I’m convinced that the album is my favorite of all time. Period.

–Saturday night featured the end of a show I’ve touted for quite some time, The Ultimate Fighter. Originally just a few of us were to watch the live finale at a friend’s house but I’ll be damned if a few girls weren’t heavily into the action as well. A quote: “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually thinking of buying that pay-per-view next week.” If Saturday’s awesome display on basic cable get the UFC a mainstream contract, then the next big sport is ready to take over. Not just a sport for the bloodthirsty, UFC features aspects of all types of martial arts, mixed with wrestling and boxing. For years, men have been supporting UFC on a grassroots level, but the all-important female demographic gets behind it, watch out.

–Saw ‘Flight of The Phoenix’ and thought it was really good, even though my roommate said it was a ‘chick flick.’ This confirms my previous thoughts that he doesn’t understand movies at all. ‘Sin City’ is next on the list for this week.

Until the guitar reverb ends,

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