Ch-Ch-Changes: The Story of Five

So it’s been a few weeks since I’ve put thoughts to blog, but we’re here again and that’s a good thing…

A running in my life (and the lives of my ever-expanding rogue’s gallery) are changing non-stop. As has been a running theme since I started writing, I’m a big fan of change, especially in people that have fallen into large periods of stagnant living. What exactly that definition is can be different to everyone, but I think you get the flavor of the spice I’m putting in the sauce.

When I was thinking of what changes were happening with my friends, I was amazed at what’s happening to those around me. I have included five stories of people I consider good friends and how recent or upcoming changes in their lives have touched me in different ways. Maybe you’ll get something from this and maybe you won’t. But in any case, here’s where I say nice things about five friends…and some others too.

–Ben: When I first moved to New Hampshire, there were definite concerns about meeting new people as there is with anyone moving to a new area. However, Ben was one of those people that I connected with right away – probably because of our similar views on life and ability to see the ridiculousness in pretty much everything. I’m proud to say that he’s become one of my closest friends and someone that I’ve had many a great conversation about things like change. He’s seemingly taken that to heart and recently announced his intent to depart the team this summer and move onto whatever is next for him. Ben put it as succinctly as anyone I’ve known, basically saying (and I’m paraphrasing here) that he would never know what else he is capable of doing unless he stepped outside the ‘safe home’ that is the Monarchs.

One of the things I’ve always said about Ben is that only he can limit all that he’s about to become. He’s an amazingly talented person in like 1921 different types of things and so humble about it, that you just know he’s going to blow up if he lets himself really get out there. By taking this step, he’s going into a very scary but exciting trail that only he will truly direct as to where it goes. He’s also about to embark on a marriage here in October, which will also change his life (somewhat as he’s been living with his girlfriend since George Sr. was in office). He is going to do great things and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

–Clyde: One of the original Triangle of Party Fun along with The Man Known as King and myself, Clyde hasn’t seen a ton of change over the years. When the rest of us left the good college city of Orono, he remained behind and found a career with a social work firm and has turned something temporary into a solid future. So much so, that he will hopefully open a new branch in his company within the next six months or so. For someone that we routinely give shit too for not working a lot (seriously, the guy’s got an easier schedule than most infants and housecats), it takes a certain someone to be trusted enough to be considered for such an endeavor, not to even mention actually getting it.

Clearly, Clyde’s been doing something great up there and I’m proud of him for it. Very similar to Ben, I’ve always hoped that Clyde will push himself and really see what’s he capable of. Also, this whole career advancement will come in turn with him possibly taking the next step with his girlfriend (not an engagement…easy people), so that’s another interesting turn for him. Clyde, just not too many birthdays parties and ‘dog’ shows, eh?

–Page: No, not Blaine. Not Adam. It’s Page. Phewwww…with that out of the way, he’s due for a big change this summer as he travels to Hotlanta, GA, this week to begin a summer internship with a big law firm there. According to traditional law college rules, the internship you land in the summer between Year 2 and Year 3 will most like be with the company you’ll be hired by when you graduate. What most impresses me about Page landing this gig is that he got SCREWED over by another potential career move that was taking up most of the time that was supposed to be dedicated to this internship job search. Long story short, when he was let down by this supposedly well-run organization, he was left scrambling to find something left in the wreckage left behind. A trip to Florida for a conference and trees worth of rejection letters later, he got something in the mail that he assumed was yet another one.

It wasn’t and a few months later, Page is going somewhere where he never thought he’d been: the Dirrrrty South. (There is, however, no truth to the rumor he is joining TLC or Master P’s No Limit posse.) Having seen him suffer through this process was both frustrating and inspiring. Page is about embark on a crazy trip in the next week and I will be there along with in spirit.

–Rob: Someone that has emerged as one of my closest friends over the past few years, Rob is heading onto his own change taking on his very first house. I checked it out this weekend and just seeing the amount of time he’s put into it in the last few weeks is amazing. To see something come to life that has been talked about for years is a cool thing in its own right, especially when it’s something that’s such a potentially huge undertaking as a house. Partner this with the fact he’s living on his own for the first time in almost a decade and there are big changes ahead for him. While different than a career change, it’s also inspiring to see someone that you’ve known for so long take another step toward becoming a *gulp* adult. Robbie, I may not know much about painting, drywalling, nailing or pretty much anything involved in the construction of a house but I do make a pretty mean turkey sandwich if you ever need a lunch made for you and your crew.

–Berger: Only a certain type of guy could be nicknamed ‘Berger,’ have a big nose, have an addictive personality and still be a great person in the end. Berger is one of my work reps and has become a good friend, despite the fact I’ve had to come down on him from time to time because of work stuff. Jay has undergone possibly the greatest life change of them all with the birth of Connor, his and his wife’s first kid. To truly put this in context, there were seven front office workers that announced impending childbirths in 2004. Yes, you read that right. SEVEN. This is what hockey people do during the summer: bang and go on vacation and bang again. Except for myself, which is another story altogether.

Anyhoo, Jay is the last of these seven to experience parenthood and arguably could be the best of them all. An amazingly well-centered person, Jay will make a commitment and stick to it. He and his wife have made a commitment to raise a child and despite the intense Marinovich-like hockey training he is sure to get, this kid is going to turn out great. Despite what I’ve learned in my own upbringing, there is something to be said for having a strong family unit around to support you and there is something to be said for fully embracing that. Jay’s shown me that even if you are the hometown kid, change doesn’t just mean moving away.

Other inspiring changes I’ve noticed: CK, who hopefully and truly finds what he’s looking for with a new zip code and new company; Page’s sister Brianna who is heading north to the city by the sea for a new job; Amy who has embraced running over the past few years and has gone from phenom to supermodel as a result (McKenna, you a lucky old bastard); my blog psuedo-rival Rathbun who FINALLY GRADUATED AFTER LIKE 20 YEARS IN COLLEGE this past weekend. I truly hope you get a gig reviewing some sort of tv medium and finally hook up with the TV Gal….King who has stirred up enough thoughts in my mind to write countless blogs about….and countless others that I am definitely forgetting.

And what does this all mean for yours truly? Stay tuned, true believers…stay tuned.

This has probably been a bit for you to read, so you’ll get to enjoy some more later this week, including a eulogy to 10 Wirt Street in Portland, ME. Also, I’m looking to add more people onto the email list so let me know if you have someone that should be getting this. Spread the word and I’ll get noticed by the big time eventually!

Thanks for reading,

2 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Changes: The Story of Five

  1. Okay Le Nase. Here it goes. I’m glad I at least got a mention. I should also add that I quit my job and will be commuting to Westbrook daily starting sometime around the beginning of the month. And it was only 14 years. And only during like 8 of those was I actually taking classes (and only during like 5 of those did I attend any at all). But it is cool and I am very happy about it. I also want to add that I hope that in calling me your “pseudo-rival” you were saying that I am not really serious about at least half of the shit I give you and not that I am not worthy of being your rival (because I dispute that fact to great length). I also want to offer my services to you as editor and hope sincerely that you take me up on this offer. And, oh yeah, (I really should have written a whole blog about this shouldn’t I have?) if you want to go visit page sometime this summer, a few of my relatives live down there and I’d be so down for an Atlanta trip. That town is fun.

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