So those two months turned into three really quickly, eh? Sorry about that…a little Miller Lite found its way into my laptop keyboard which isn’t good for the system the last time I checked.

Anyhoo, how are you? You look great!

There is so much to write about, most of which is based on the past three months (duh, you’re saying). Let’s just kind of update a few things first:

–After two years away, Nason HAS FINALLY RETURNED BACK to Mannnnnchessster and in a prime location right downtown and stumbling distance from bars and stumbling distance from work (hey, some of us like a shot of Jack Daniels in the AM instead of coffee). I’ve always wanted to live right in the thick of things and given my worsening mental state out in Allenstown, it was time to hit the bricks. I just hit a wall in all aspects of my life and just needed a refresher and thankfully, I found it. It’s a pretty decent 1-bedroom with a porch full of spiders, a next-door neighbor that I’ve never met and the opportunity for a fresh start. As fresh as I could expect, anyway. Let’s just say this is a much better situation and that the door is always open for visitors and even some dry storage needs (inside joke).

–I’m still with the Monarchs, now promoted to Director of Ticket Sales and Market Development. No, I don’t get games off now and it will still be a lot of long hours during the winter. But I now get to take some trips to other cities to observe their product and see how it can apply to our own. Sometime last year, I became interested in the ad/creative agency world and I did some informational interviews this summer with firms to see if that was even a possibility. While I didn’t get completely dissuaded, I realize that I need some more experience in order to really make the leap. As a result, I discussed this all with the team higher-ups and instead of shutting the door on me, they opened up some new possibilities including the afore-mentioned trips, more say and input on creative design and taking over responsibility on our website which just got added on to the pile last week. It seems that every year, I always say, “This is going to be the last year…this is it” and it never happens. Why? Because the team continues to work with me and help me shape my future. So despite the stress and missing out on functions (the Brewfest date is killing me to miss), it’s still aiiight to like what you do.

Unless this law school thing happens. (Did I just say that?)

–Yeah, no girlfriend. It was a drrrrrrrrrryyyy summer. I suck.

Other noteable items:

–The Atlanta Trip. More details on this next week. Great time, despite The Worst 20 Minutes Ever. Again, the full disclosure (somewhat) in seven days.

–The Chicago Trip. Myself and three other guys headed out to the Windy City for two of the historic Sox/Cubs games in June. Not too many shenanigans, but I’ll throw in some details soon.

–The Outer Banks voyage. Eight days. One beach. Plenty of booze. Capital G. Two 16 (or 14) year olds. W.O.W.

–Milleystock. Yeah, like a whole blog wouldn’t be devoted to this. For a taste before the storm of words, peep out

Again, I’ll be writing a lot more on this over the next few weeks but consider this my re-entry back into Pocket Aces. You asked for it…you got it!

thanks for reading,

p.s. is coming. Patience is a virtue.

An unexpected delay…

So the new blog was supposed to start on Monday the 12th. Weelllllllllll, that didn’t happen. Why? Because my spacebar and other random keys on my laptop ain’t workin’ right now, making it increasingly difficult to write sentences and such.

But while that’s being fixed, I’m working on an alternative to get something up this week. I appreciate the patience (unless you’re Rathbun in which case, you have none.)