Canadians, Tivo and passion

Much like Staind, it’s been awhiiiiiiiiiiiile since I last posted, but you know how I roll. I finally have some stuff that I can write about, thanks partially to three straight weekends off which will do that to you. What’s that? You have every weekend off. You could be my hero, but more likely are a villain.(I take that back. You still look great.)

-After six months and numerous run-ins, I am happy to say MY TIVO BOX IS FINALLY SET UP. It was a brutal final battle last Thursday night, which was preceded by my throwing in the towel and getting a phone line hooked up. I found this was the type of project that was going to require me to be in the comfort of my own home, so I could properly swear, throw things or pace the room as I tried to figure it out. I’m sure some of you are probably thinking, “It’s a Tivo box. How tough can it be?” But you’re not me and you’re probably thankful for that. Final stat on how many different places I took my box in an attempt to set up was four. Zoiks. But Tivo wasn’t about to let me get away scot-free. As I hooked everything up for the first attempt to hook onto a phone connection, I kept getting rejected. As part of the digital revolution, phone lines are now being run through modems and not the normal wall outlets, known in most circles as VOIP technology. I did some online research and found that most Series II boxes like mine didn’t work using VOIP technology. Hence, a conundrum that made my body heat level jump about 10 degrees. I paced around and began planning for exactly where I was going to toss the box for maximum damage. It was a heavyweight battle with both of us taking wild swings and connecting with damaging blows.

Then, I decided to take a few minutes and reattach all the cords, etc. About 30 seconds later, I found I had plugged the jack into the wrong hole (insert joke here). Later on, the nightmare was over and this long chapter of my book was complete.

-Having worked in sports for six years, it is especially tough to go and actually just enjoy a game. I’m always looking around, checking things out and taking mental notes so I can take them back to my own team for use. It’s one of the curses of being involved in game prez (think everything but the game itself), but on Wednesday, I hit up the Celtics/Heat game at the new Gahhhhhhhhhhhhden. I can honestly say that it was one of the best experiences that I’ve had at a game in years and I’m not even an NBA fan. A good game, good game prez and the usual hot girls in random jerseys added up for highlights of the night. Throw in the appearances of Bill Belichick, Deion Branch, Rodney Harrison and a few other New England Patriots (Branch did a great routine with the gymnast mascot, Lucky) and it was quite an evening in cold Beantown. I must ask though: is it a rule on every T train or Commuter Rail train to make upcoming stop announcements as completely gargled as possible? I swear every time a stop was coming up, it sounded like “Next stop: as;ldkjfasl;dkjf. Exit on the right.” I think they’re actually trying to mess with our heads or at least those of us that are not directionally-inclined.

-This is what I get for buying movies before watching them. I picked up “Waiting…” a few weeks after getting the usually-solid ‘Two Thumbs Up” nod from Ebert And Roper-in-waiting Cartoon Clyde. While his tastes of Steven Segal and Wesley Snipes flicks may cause some of cringe and question him, Clyde is the Toyota of my group of friends: not flashy, but consistent and there for the long haul. A full list of comparing my friends to car manufacturers is not to follow as it would probably get me killed while also being one of the funnier things people have read. Hmmmm…..decisions decisions.

ANYHOO, this looked like one of those movies where you know what you’re going to get, but will laugh hysterically on the way. Well, it wasn’t funny at all to me, save a few random parts that were comme ci, comme ca at best. In reading reviews, I guess it is great for those who used to work in the food service bizness but no one else. Clyde did work (and was actually a manager) in the infamous UMaine Bear’s Den, so maybe that’s why he loved it. He also was at the head of a nefarious scandal involving getting paid for meals he supposedly missed while at work, but I digress…for now. I wouldn’t recommend ‘Waiting…” unless you fit that criteria.

Second was ‘Domino,’ a movie I wanted to see since I first caught the trailer last year. Flashy, violent and full of Kiera Knightly (apparently K-Squared to the peeps), this was a can’t-miss movie for $15, right? Ehhhhhhhhhh. While the cinematography was ok (it tried a little too hard to be Natural Born Killers-like) but cliched, the story was lacking a central theme that dominated throughout. Rather, it focused on smaller bits (the developing love interest between Domino and Choco, her growing fame, etc.) that never fully rolled out for devouring. I’d say thumbs in the middle for ‘Domino.’

-You have to love winter parking bans that start at 8 pm, while the parking garages to stay in don’t open until 10 pm. I don’t understand city governments.

-Having some weekend time off has allowed some friendly faces to hit up my place in Manchvegas as a virtual ‘who’s who’ strolled through. It’s always a double-edged sword when you invite friends into town: it’s great to see them, but I’m always hoping they have a good time. I’m happy to say the latter was accomplished, but not without some laughs about a baked potato, Simply Nuts peanut butter and a trip to my ghetto grocery store that all were aimed at the host. Such is fame, I guess.

-I would highly recommend watching/buying “City of Champions,’ the dvd that came out a few months ago highlighting Boston’s championship teams and people. It’s tremendous, mostly for the reliance of music video-style montages that take the place of the usual and boring sit-down commentary you see everywhere else. It’s quite awesome and moving at the same time.

-Big concert month as I’ll see Deftones, Korn/Mudvayne, Coldplay and perhaps Nickelback/Chevelle/Trapt in the next 30 days. And from what I’ve been told, the Pearl Jam at Fenway Park rumor is just that…a rumor. I did hear something about DMB there this summer, which wouldn’t surprise me at all.

-While in lovely Springfield, MA, for a two-day ticket conference, a conversation about being ‘passionate’ about what you do came up that really made me think about some things. Alas, that’s a topic for another blog but I’m really looking forward to writing it. I also should write about my experience Monday drinking with Canadians and going to a strip club, but I think you can make up your own using the four operative words: drinking, Canadians, strip club. There is one hilarious story that did come out of that night, told to me the next day.

The Canadian guys (two front office workers from Hamilton) went back to their room, at which time one called down to the front desk complaining about his bed being squeaky and staticy (sp?). The front desk asked him if they’d like another room (bear mind this is almost 3 a.m.), to which he said, “No, but I would like two turkey sandwiches.” The person laughed a bit to which our Canadian friend said, “No, I’m serious. I want two turkey sandwiches!” This obviously didn’t go anywhere and she hung up. He called again and then pretended to be someone else. Needless to say, he didn’t get any turkey sandwiches. I love Canada.

One more free weekend until the 21-day, seven-game run begins. The stretch run is here in more ways than one.

thanks for reading,