Some quick hits as I continue to organize my thoughts regarding my recent trip to Cancun.

-As of this writing (Sunday afternoon), everyone’s theories regarding the final episode of “The Sopranos” are out there, most of which revolve around whether Tony Soprano lives or dies past 10 pm tonight. I find the talk surprising, considering that it has seemingly become really uncool to be a fan of the show over the past few seasons. I find myself in the minority that actually still like the show and haven’t jumped off like FBI rats over the past few seasons. Slow at times? Yes. But that’s a small price to pay for character development which has made us care and understand these varied characters so much. Just because someone is not killed every episode doesn’t mean the show isn’t good. I call it paring off the fat (fringe viewers) off a damn good piece of meat.

So to me, it won’t be a disappointment if Tony survives tonight. Why? Because the show is set in modern-day reality and is not set up like a movie or a sitcom that begs for an appeasing ending. Tonight’s episode is not meant to be tied up with a nice pretty bow but is rather closing the blinds on our look into this family’s life. It seems a lot of fans would like to see a final gunfight with EVERYONE getting whacked just to give some closure. I really don’t think that’s going to happen, regardless of the satiation that would give the masses. I think Tony will survive, the viewers will get at least one jaw-dropper and the mainstream public will bitch and complain Monday morning instead of applauding a solid six seasons of work.

But one thing is for sure: in less than 12 hours, we won’t have “The Sopranos” to kick around anymore.

-Just to show my head isn’t completely buried in the TV sand, I was very disappointed with this season’s “24”. While part of the fun of watching shows like this is suspending reality for an hour at a time, there is a limit. How many times can CTU be compromised, both with moles and with people breaking in? How many times can Jack Bauer save the world before they give him carte blanche with any decision he wants to make? How much inner turmoil can presidential administrations have? Will any character eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, look remotely tired or grow a 5 o’clock shadow as most do during a full day? As a result of the same cycles repeating themselves, the suspense of ’24’ has been really taken out of the show. However, there are two seasons left, plus a movie being planned and for the show creators, I ask how they plan to challenge themselves to make the final seasons really stand out and not tarnish an amazing legacy of concept TV.

-While flying quite a bit over the past two weeks, Cartoon Clyde and I came up with a new airline: Roughneck Air. Our motto? “Sit down. Shut up. Enjoy the flight.” This is in response to the classic reminders of why flying can be annoying. How about waiting to take off on the runway, often sitting for mindless minutes on end? How about waiting to everyone to take their luggage out of the overhead bins, making everyone else sit there while they pull out eight carry-on items? How about the other mind-numbingly frustrations with going from one place to another via 39,000 feet?

Well, all that changes with Roughneck Air. The gates open, you get in the plane and quick. Carry-on? You wait to get it until everyone else is off the plane. Sure, we’ll have attractive stewardesses but we’ll also have one bouncer per plane to help maintain order. In short, no waiting around. You’re late? Too bad. You have a crying kid? I feel bad for you on our flight. Everyone’s there early? We leave early. (And yes, I understand that all of this would never happen and that the FAA would shut us down before we loaded all the peanuts onto the plane. But it’s fun to pretend. Let’s just make it fun to fly again.)

-Something that always gets me is the collective noises of everyone’s cell phone turning on following the official OK from the plane crew. Ah, I love the feeling of making sure that you’re trackable at all times.

-I realize the airline stewardess standards went out the window during the sue-happy craze of the 1980s, but seriously, guys that are stewardesses (sorry, flight attendants) just doesn’t work. Sorry if I sound anti-female, but it’s always been jarring to see a male in this position whenever boarding a plan. I feel like asking the guys on the airlines the exact point at when their life took a turn for the worse so I can avoid it. And I’m still looking around for the hairstylists that cater just to female attendants as I’m baffled at some of the do’s I have been seeing. Take a look around next time you fly and see if you don’t agree.

-Anyone else think it’s funny that Friendly’s Restaurants continue to push the Happy Ending sundaes?

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