Out of Mom’s Basement: A Blogger Looks At 30

There’s a common perception that women don’t like revealing their ages and generally, fear getting older. Being a guy, I’m not sure what that’s like. Guys usually have no issue about how old they are, except when others bring it up for them. (I’m sure we’re somehow to blame for this.)

So in case you didn’t know, my name is Josh and I turned 30 years old last week. If you’re below 30, you might be surprised to hear that nothing catastrophic happened. I didn’t wake up and suddenly have a head of gray hair or hurt my back getting out of the shower. The day was pretty normal, enhanced greatly by a great group of friends that by simply acknowledging my birthday, made it special.

The fact my birthday comes a few days after the new year also gives me a chance to clean the slate on a lot of levels. I look at turning 30 with a set of optimistic eyes as a result of all of the growing up I did in my 20s. I graduated college, worked for a pro sports team for seven years and basically took three months off to figure out what my next move should be. I’ve written, recorded, laughed, cried, high-fived, crashed, rebooted and loved quite a bit in my 20s. Now, I’ve taken that volume of my life and put it on the shelf, merely a reference point for what is to come.

I won’t run on with a big To Do list for the next decade because honestly, my goals and aspirations are probably right in line with yours. If there’s anything I’ve learned that I truly take to heart, it’s these three things:

-Be happy and think positive. It’s jarring how many miserable people in the world there are. You know them, I know them. You could give them $1 million in cash and they’d question if the bag was going to rip. I see people every day that hate who they’ve become, beaten down a life of vanilla normalcy that they can change at any time. But like Red Sox fans understand, it is sometimes easier to be miserable and tell everyone than ask ‘What if?’ and change something.

For a while, I was one of those people, content with chasing an ideal of a lifestyle that was slowly breaking me down as I was in pursuit. Then one day, that moment happened and it was clear it was the right time for change. I didn’t have a plan or a course of action, but I knew that in order for me to figure it out, I had to take a leap of faith. No matter who you are, you have the ability to set your own course for whatever you consider your ‘happy place.” And if you’re going to keep talking about doing stuff but never actually doing it and making excuses for your failures, do yourself a favor and get out of the way. The rest of us are trying to get through.

-Challenge yourself to be better. This one kills me. I have friends that are capable of amazing things, but just don’t have the drive to achieve their wildest dreams or even accomplish short-term goals. Challenging yourself is scary and often, a tad bit scarring. You have to evaluate everything, step back and decide what you have to do to fix it. Sometimes, you won’t fix everything right away and understanding what your shortcomings are is crucial. But you’ll never get better until you expect better of yourself. My friend Brett gave me a quote by Ben Franklin, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”Apply this philosophy to your own areas of improvement and try to break the cycle. It’s better to fail than to never try at all. (God, I’m full of them today!)

-Surround yourself with great people. I gotta be honest that I feel like Donald Trump with this one, but instead of people meaning ‘business,’ I am talking about your friends. Imagine if you had to take a car ride across the country and ask yourself who you’d take with you. (I’ll give you a minute.) Why did you pick those people? Obviously, they have characteristics that you identify with and that make you feel good. Well, why wouldn’t you seek out people like that to be part of your everyday life? I cannot stand miserable people that make excuses for why the world isn’t fair to them. I love people that are winners and are always looking to improve, have a great time and don’t accept the status quo. There’s enough vanilla out there already.

2008 is going to be a great year for me personally and professionally and the fact that I’m also officially starting my 30’s is a bonus. Nason Version 3.0 is about to launch and I’m damn excited for it.