Unloading October’s shipment off the update truck

Good. Lord.

I don’t think I’ve ever cranked out this much content in my life…the only problem is that nearly none of it has been here. On the other side of my ever-growing media universe, I write and maintain two sports blogs and an email marketing blog, in addition to a fun new side project with my buddy Ben on comics. I write and write and write, so it’s time to give y’all some updates.

-Some time ago, I talked about a good-bye blog to Manchester but I can’t seem to write it. Why? Because I don’t feel like I really left. I was there three weekends in September wrapping up business and just spent a few days there last week. I’m still in touch with all my friends, so what’s the deal? I had this grandiose column written in my head, but I just don’t feel like writing it. Maybe someday…

-I still haven’t found any work, but I finally had two interviews last week which was a nice breakthrough. Both were great companies and both were for higher-end marketing positions. I’ve been called back for a 2nd interview next week, which is a good sign. This whole process has been so frustrating and annoying that I’m not sure what to make of it. Between hiring freezes, non-call backs and bizarrely designed application processes, finding work is a lot more difficult than just searching on Monster or the awesome Indeed.com. Thankfully, both companies I’ve talked to are on the straight-and-narrow, so keep those fingers crossed, eh?

-Seriously, if you like traditional sports and/or mixed martial arts, you gotta check out Small White Ball and Ropes, Ring and Cage. Just tonight, I did 1600 words on the 2008 Red Sox and I’ve been pounding away on tons of columns and stories for the RRC site. 2009 is going to be a big year for these properties…I can feel it.

-My first article for FIGHT! Magazine will run sometime in the next few months and I’m already working on my next assignment. FIGHT! is a national publication found in major bookstores everywhere…updates on when the article will run are coming soon.

-How many times have I heard the ‘It must be nice!’ in response to my current status? Too many. I think the assumption is that I wake up at noon, watch tv in my pj’s all day and just veg out. That’s not the case at all. While I’m not up at 7 am and fully dressed in a shirt and tie, I try to do quite a bit with my day, either reaching out to contacts, updating my blogs, looking for work and assisting friends/acquaintances on freelance side projects. It’s all part of the process and while my unemployment checks help pay bills and provide something to live on, I want full-time work…no doubt about it. And yes, there are days when I’m tapped out and do watch some TV or do something fun, but I don’t feel guilty for trying to have some normalcy…everyone else is doing that for me, it seems.

-Adjustment to having a roommate after three years alone is…well…an adjustment. I am renting space in one of my best friend’s houses and I try to keep a low profile and remain respectful of his space. It’s nice to have someone to talk to or just hang out with, but there’s enough space to allow me to do my own thing as well. I am finding myself being more careful and definitely a lot more clean, but apparently that’s a side benefit of spending time with my Mr. Clean-ish buddy. Long-term, I want my own digs again but the job has to come first. Get your couches and lofts ready in case I wear out my welcome though.

-In case you cared, I’m voting for Obama. I made that decision months ago and see no reason to change now. When I tell that to my hardcore Republican friends, I’m often mocked for being a liberal and that I must like having my taxes raised and that he’s a terrorist or blah blah blah. I like Obama because I want a change. I know that’s a catchphrase of his, but after eight years of Republican rule, the country is spiraling out of control. I actually voted for Republicans all my life, so it’s not like I’ve been a hardcore Democrat all my life.

I like how Obama inspires young people to actually care (something politicans should do more of) and that he seems like he wants to be President, not just the next in line to challenge for the title. I don’t get a good sense from John McCain and feel like he’s always trying to be someone he’s not, especially with this ‘my friends’ line he brings out every time he talks. I find it odd that the Republicans are now playing the underdog card and are acting like they’re being unfairly treated in the media. Awwwwwww….poor Republicans. And finally, I don’t think there’s any way I could ever be enticed to believe Sarah Palin is currently qualified to be the VP or even President at this stage.

And with that, I will leave you and promise to chat with you soon.


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