From The Vault: Looking Back At Homecoming

As I’m relaxing and reminiscing after a somewhat tame UMaine homecoming, a post I did a few years ago popped into my head. From October of 2006, enjoy this post from the vault:

Home(coming) is where the beer is

“It’s good to be home.” – myself to a friend at Pat’s Pizza this past Saturday at ’round 5 pm.

If you went to college (or a really cool high school), you know about the word Homecoming. It’s a pretty simple theory: people want to return to a place where they spent a favorable portion of time. For most, college is it. I mean, c’mon. You spend four, five or even seven years at an institution based on learning but really, learning is just as much outside the classroom as it is inside. It connects people and helps them figure out who they are, or at least, where they’re starting out the adult part of their life.

For the rest of the post, click here.

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