Serial killers and sex addicts: how Showtime suddenly became very awesome

I’m in love with two men. And no, it’s definitely not like you’re thinking.dexter

I have just finished the first season of one of the best dramas I’ve ever seen. Focused around a man struggling with the inner desire to kill (bad people only) and struggling to deal with it while attempting to life a somewhat normal life, Dexter isn’t just awesome – it’s absolutely amazing.

To understand the Dexter Morgan character is challenging in a lot of ways as it forces the viewer to assess their own inner dark alleys and assess what they would do given Morgan’s near-insatiable desire to kill, his role as a real Dark Knight to avenge the wrongs that slip by the rights.

Funny, violent and emotionally charged, the show has rich character development, well-thought out stories and people you actually care about watching. I was hooked from the first hour and just began Season 2. (It’ll be done within a week – guaranteed.) Continue reading