The U.S. political party system: epic FAIL.

As I jumped up to level 16 on the gym treadmill around 8:30 pm Wednesday night, I saw President Obama’s face plastered across TVs, giving his Congressional speech on health care.

With random rock songs blaring in my ear, I simply took in the visuals of him talking, people clapping and standing up/sitting down repeatedly in unison, some people not standing, random guests and some guys with pamphlets of some sort standing near the back. (Hey, I wasn’t paying that much attention.)split

I have no idea what they were talking about and honestly, I don’t care. I assume health care which is apparently going to be the chasm that splits this country in half yet again. I’m a jaded 31-year-old with no party affiliation, but yet, I’ve been called a liberal about 100 times since last year’s election. Why? Because I simply said I liked Obama and would like to see him succeed. To some, that makes me a fool or a rube. Continue reading