The U.S. political party system: epic FAIL.

As I jumped up to level 16 on the gym treadmill around 8:30 pm Wednesday night, I saw President Obama’s face plastered across TVs, giving his Congressional speech on health care.

With random rock songs blaring in my ear, I simply took in the visuals of him talking, people clapping and standing up/sitting down repeatedly in unison, some people not standing, random guests and some guys with pamphlets of some sort standing near the back. (Hey, I wasn’t paying that much attention.)split

I have no idea what they were talking about and honestly, I don’t care. I assume health care which is apparently going to be the chasm that splits this country in half yet again. I’m a jaded 31-year-old with no party affiliation, but yet, I’ve been called a liberal about 100 times since last year’s election. Why? Because I simply said I liked Obama and would like to see him succeed. To some, that makes me a fool or a rube.

I heard something that Ron of the “Ron and Fez Show” said Tuesday that really put everything in perspective for me. To paraphrase, Ron simply said that he hates what has happened to our country with this current political system, that we should start over (he used the words ‘burn to the ground’ which might have been harsh) and that “Americans hate each other.” That last sentence really stuck out to me but it’s so ridiculously true that we should all be embarassed of what we’ve done and what we’ve let this country become.

This supposedly great democracy our country was built on has been decimated and ruined due to three acidic points:

– The party system. It’s like having Red Sox and Yankees fans attempt to agree on something. The system is inherently set up for people to debate and argue and on the surface, I can see why people thought that was a good thing back in the colonial day. Now? It’s devolved into something sinister, mean-spirited and resembles nothing to do with debate. Instead, people disagree because of a letter: D or R.

If you agree with someone across party lines, you’re pissed on and called out. If you vote along party lines, you show no insight into looking on the other side of the equation. So what’s the point? Because it just has to be that way? Because it’s always been that way? That’s not an American mindset, is it?

Take Joe Wilson, the Republican Senator who shouted “Liar!” after the President said that the healthcare plan wouldn’t cover immigrants. While both parties have come down on Wilson, the Democrats took the opportunity to really rub it into their rivals. Take South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Carol Fowler who said in a statement, “Once again a South Carolina Republican has embarrassed our state…,” referring to South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s affair.

Would it have been that hard to simply say, “It was tasteless” or “He shouldn’t have said that, but things get heated” or “It’s inexcusable”? Why the jab at the Republicans? Because it’s a political game? Shut up.

Blaming the media: I HATE this line: “…the liberal media.” It’s a huge copout and a throwaway line that becomes way too easy for stupid people to spout. Unfortunately, it’s conservatives (so, mostly Republicans) that love to toss this out and when you ask them to go into more detail, they really can’t.

Look, I don’t watch Fox News or MSNBC and if I watch any cable news, it’s usually CNN because I simply like the format of the news shows – not any of the commentary b.s. Apparently, that’s liberal too. I guess I can’t win. Honestly, I don’t even think half the people that blame “the liberal media” even know what they are trying to say. Rather, blaming the media is something that apparently gets them universal props with their equally clueless friends. Bravo: you’ve said nothing.

Hoping for Obama to fail: Leave it to pro wrestling manager/legend Jim Cornette to say it best in this amazing piece of audio that starts at the :50 mark that publicly rooting against the President and hoping he’ll fail is about the most un-American thing you can do. I want our country to succeed and so should everyone: end of story. Claiming that it’s Obama’s turn to get persecuted because George Bush did is petty and reminds me of the argument that hazing is ok because the people before you went through it.

If you don’t like Obama just because he’s a Democrat, you’re an idiot. Yes, you right there. Saying you don’t like someone simply because of their political affiliation is moronic. If you don’t like him because of his policies, then focus on that and forget the party nonsense. Make our own viewpoints based on what YOU believe, not what your party believes.

Instead, Republicans are making Obama the lightning rod for everything, practically getting down on their knees and hoping he’ll turn in the country into ruins because it will prove them right. Is that the wisdom you want to impart on your kids? Really?

If John McCain had been voted in office, I would have supported him too. I thought George Bush was magnificent in guiding the country through the hell that was 9/11 and it’s undeniable that Americans feel safer today than they did before he started. But because of this stupid party system, you can’t give a guy credit without getting arrow’d by an angry mob.

Politicians don’t work for us and haven’t worked for us in quite some time. They work for everyone else but us and there’s too many of them now to change anything. Less government? Great! But no matter who’s in power, neither side will want to relinquish precious spots and therefore, nothing will change. Think otherwise? You’re fooling yourself. It’s a power thing, not a ideology of a party that keeps so many people in Washington.

(Speaking of angry mobs, is there anything more pathetic than seeing images of people yelling at each other in these public healthcare squabbles? There are people literally nose-to-nose holding horribly made signs that are just…freaking…yelling. Get a life. Are we that far gone in America where we can’t sit down and talk issues out like normal humans? Too civilized, I guess?)

So this is where we’re at, U.S. of A. People yelling. People hating. People blaming. This is the greatest country in the world, the example-setter for the rest of the world and its own citizens? If you beamed down from Mars and saw this shitstorm, you’d beam right back up because of a lack of intelligent life. The moral fortitude and passion of this country has eroded from one of pride to one of blame.

But it’s Obama’s fault, right? Oh wait…it’s Bush’s fault. No, dummies: it’s OUR fault.

We did this. We let this get to this point and now, we’re reaping the rewards of an awful tasting stew comprised of free speech, greed, laziness and a political system that needs to be 100% disintegrated and rebuilt with minimal numbers involved. No one works toward a common goal anymore though, because we’re too busy finding blame and justifying said blame. Americans like myself gets further jaded and removed from the process because it’s simply not worth the time anymore.

I can’t pretend to care about politics because those in office don’t care about me anymore but rather about themselves. Preserving one’s self-interest is human nature but when you have hundreds of people also entrusted to help others in addition to preserving their team’s flag, it’s a system that is bound to fail. Thus, you have what is going on now: a nation divided amongst itself.

But go ahead: continue to point fingers and threaten your fellow man. Scream and bitch and kavetch and yell because it’s your right and because you hate the letter associated with your rivals’ names. But whatever you do, make sure you don’t listen to what others have to say because, well, that would make too much sense.

Point the finger at yourself. I know I’m pointing a digit at the U.S. political system. Take a guess which one.

5 thoughts on “The U.S. political party system: epic FAIL.

  1. Well put Josh.

    I think this whole thing is exemplified by the whole calling every current president a nazi trend. I saw a photo of a college friend at a rally holding an Obama = Nazi sign. I asked why he felt Obama was a Nazi and his only response was “Liberals called Bush a nazi”

    Based on this philosophy and the last election results America is composed of 53% liberal socialists and 47% ignorant redneck conservatives with absolutely no middle ground.

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