How You Can Help Rob And Jenn Improve Their Lives In Two Minutes

Not to sound cocky, but I get asked for help quite a bit. I guess  it comes with having a background in marketing and promotion, but I have become the de facto go-to person for anything that needs promotion, a push or a big idea behind it.

Some might find it burdensome, but I love it as it keeps my brain fresh and more importantly, helps other people improve their lives or businesses. That’s a small price to pay for having great friends and I’m happy to pay it.

That brings us to today and the story of Rob and Jenn and why you should help them win the wedding of their dreams.

(Also, they didn’t ask me to write this. Surprise!) Continue reading

Tapping The Sticks: Our Hockey Tribute To “Perk”

Don’t give up a goal. Don’t give up a goal.

It’s all I could think about Monday night, wearing the modern day equivalent of knight’s armor in a small middle school gym in Concord, NH. Drenched in sweat and body-worn by nearly two hours in full hockey pads, we were tied 4-4 in an intense roller hockey battle and all I wanted to do was win.

But losing wasn’t an option, not defending this net and especially not on this night. Continue reading