New Stuff: yours truly on viral videos, The Bam Theory movie and some UFC

Got a few new posts around the interwebs and need to make a commitment to post those here.


Bear Frazer and the making of The BAM Theory

Long feature for B/R on Frazer, a FIGHT! Magazine journalist who has been pushing forward with an MMA movie he’s been dying to make. This is quite a story and one that anyone sitting on pushing forward with their dream should read.

UFC 126 Wrap: Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones is the UFC’s next big superfight

A notebook wrap from the recent UFC event and why I think Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones could be an un-freakin-believable fight in 2012.

You can’t plan a viral video, dummy. It just happens.

My debut post for on why you can’t plan out a viral video. That’s part of the charm: it just happens on its own.

Audio Updates

I updated my Libsyn page with recent audio appearances including:

WGAM MMA Minute – Week of February 7

January 29th appearance on The Fight Network’s Review-An-Impact. Fun show where I talk Strikeforce and what would get me back as a pro wrestling fan.

January 19th appearance on Rubber Guard Radio talking UFC and old ECW

Josh Nason is a freelance journalist whose work has appeared in FIGHT! Magazine,, and Support his cause to get to cover MMA, follow him and check out his audio archive of appearances.

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