Josh Nason, MMA Addict: Plenty Of Writing And Talking

You wouldn’t think writing about writing would be difficult, but I have struggled like a Single-A pitcher in Fenway Park when it comes to keeping this site updated with links to my work for Wrestling Observer, Bloody Elbow, FIGHT! Magazine and others.

(Seriously, I do this for a living!)

But short of hiring a personal assistant, I came up with a temporary solution: living, breathing pages. What the heck does that mean? A single page per entity where I can log/link my latest stories for a specific news source. (Here’s an example I did for Bloody Elbow.) This will be easier for me to update on a weekly basis as opposed to whatever the hell I was trying to do before.

There’s plenty of non-MMA stuff I want to talk about as well, including a review and early thoughts on Bill Simmons’ Grantland project, some music stuff and talk about

Until then, enjoy the updated pages. Three down, more to come:

– Josh on Bloody Elbow
– Josh on WGAM MMA Show
– Josh on