Bloody Elbow

Bloody Elbow - Josh NasonHere’s a listing of all my work for, where I started contributing in April 2011. The site is a Top 5 in terms of MMA traffic with visits, page views and overall interaction. The audience is mainly hardcores and well-educated fans. The site overall is well-run with internal editorial calendars, a full writing staff and editors there to give some guidance.

Depending on who you ask, the site can be viewed as ‘controversial’ but I see it as a hub for all everything in the MMA community. Seriously, if you need a full recap of the day’s news, I’d go here first. They aren’t a Zuffa-credentialed group but that hasn’t stopped them from in-depth stuff on UFC, Strikeforce or any other organization in the world.

For the latest news and other stuff I’ve done for the site, here you go.


UFC’s TUF 13 Finale Draws Highest Attendance, Gate Since TUF 9
June 20, 2011 – News

Strikeforce: Chad Griggs, Brett Rogers Are Two Heavyweights Going In Different Directions
June 19, 2011 – Op/Ed

M-1 Global Coming Back To Showtime In July
June 15, 2011 — News

UFC Changing Main Events To Five Rounds Won’t Mean More Finishes
June 10, 2011 – Op/Ed

TUF 13 Recap: Chris Cope Should Get Another Zuffa Opportunity…Just Not In The UFC
June 6, 2011 – Op/Ed

Ringside 11 Preview: Patrick Cote’s Return, Donald Brashear’s Debut C0-Headline
June 4, 2011 – News

TUF 13 Preview – Chuck O’Neil Says Tony Ferguson’s Comments Worse Than What Aired
June 3, 2011 – Interview Recap

UFC To Stream TUF 13 Prelims On Facebook
June 3, 2011 — News


Titan Fighting 18 Preview: Jens Pulver On Getting His Groove Back
May 26, 2011 — Interview Recap

Dan Severn Denied 100th Win, Gets Badly Knocked Out In The Process
May 21, 2001 – Event Recap

Brendan Schaub Says UFC Opportunity In Brazil ‘A Dream Come True’
May 17, 2011 – Interview Recap

Bellum/GFL Results: Pedro Gonzalez Beats Paul Gorman
May 7, 2011 – News

Friday Night Fights:  How A Partnership, Organization And Some Luck Brought Bellum Combat Association To The Table
May 6, 2011 – Feature

Light May MMA Calendar Headlined By UFC 130, Bellator
May 4, 2011 – News

UFC 129: Restful Sundays, Sleeping On The Dragon and Wasted Opportunities
May 2, 2011 — Op/Ed


TUF 13 Recap: Len Bentley Calls Brock Lesnar An ‘A-Hole’ and ‘Turd’
April 20, 2011 – News

UFC 129: Ben Henderson Isn’t Afraid of Canadians, Wants Rematch With Ben Henderson
April 20, 2011 – Interview Recap

Bellator 41 Recap: A Hot, Sticky Night Of Mistakes
April 17, 2011 — Op/Ed

Bellator: Joe Warren Wants Two Titles, Olympic Gold
April 14, 2011 – Interview Recap

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