New posts: James Toney earned that cash, Gmail’s Priority Inbox is awesome, Bloody Elbow podcast

Josh Nason discussed James Toney this week.In my effort to become the world’s greatest email marketing/MMA scribe, here’s what I’ve been up to this week:

James Toney Earned Every Penny The UFC Gave Him (B/R – published 9.3.10) – Of course people complained about Toney earning half a million for his fight with Randy Couture at UFC 118. The problem is that they are ignoring the fact that fight promotion is ultimately part of your salary and big JT did more than enough to earn that.

“He knew his role: enrage MMA fans to the point they are willing to pay to see you get beat. Mission accomplished (or at least we think so until the PPV numbers come out). He played his hand in the mythical boxing vs. MMA debate perfectly, even though he must have known he was climbing up a steep, steep mountain in Mt. Couture.”

You can enjoy the whole piece here.

Gmail’s Priority Inbox isn’t a threat, but an opportunity (SendLabs blog- published 9.1.10) – There’s nothing like panic in the email marketing industry and that’s kinda what we got when Gmail announced the brilliant Priority Inbox, a new method of sorting email. I’ve used it for two days now and think it’s awesome. It’s simply more incentive for people to practice better email marketing.

“However, doesn’t this just place a spotlight on what email marketers should be doing better than anyone? Providing value so the minute an email comes in from a sender, it’s received with positive thoughts in mind? If you’re doing things the right way, you shouldn’t worry but be confident you’ll be tagged as important.

Popularity in the inbox…feels like high school all over again.”

Get this in your mental inbox now.

Five Tips For Creating Kick Ass Email Marketing Drip Campaigns (SendLabs blog – published 8.30.10) – I abhor the list trend with blogs and most of writing, but I decided to give it a shot for this email marketing post on drip campaigns. The more I learn about these little nuances, the more I realize marketers need to drop the print ads and focus more on THIS kind of stuff.

Whaddya know…it worked as the article got RT’d 15 times at last check and people really seemed to dig it.

“Not familiar with the drip? You’re missing out. Here’s an example, loosely based on a client of ours. The person signing up is Eddie and the company makes gas grills. Any similarities to real people – dead or alive – is purely coincidental.”

So what did Eddie do? Find out here.

And finally, I was on a podcast.

My buddy Jonathan Snowden — he of the dual authorship including the upcoming MMA Encyclopedia — asked to part of his new project for MMA supersite Bloody Elbow. Jonathan launched a podcast called Ring Psychology and asked me to contribute to a discussion about UFC 118, BJ Penn and more. I was on for about 35 minutes and thought it was great.

What do you think? Download and listen in your car already!

Josh Nason is a freelance journalist who has penned pieces for FIGHT! Magazine, Apollo (Australia) Magazine, Manchester Magazine and more. While he loves to write about mixed martial arts and email marketing, blogging about music and observations on life are passions as well. Follow him at Twitter.