Audio awesomeness with The Fight Network, Most Gross Danger and email marketing zombies

Even though it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted, it’s been a busy few weeks. Let’s jump into what I’ve been writing and where I’ve been appearing the past few weeks:


The Fight Network w/John Pollock and Wai Ting

One of my first interviewers and awesome guy John Pollock interviewed me for The Fight Network’s weekly MMA/wrestling podcast. We talked Brock Lesnar/Cain Velasquez, the issues with the UFC Primetme series and the problems with today’s wrestling product.

Enjoy Review A Brock in full or just my segment.

Most Gross Danger

My friend PJ Huot has a new podcast where he talks with local comedians about the art of comedy and trying to make it in the world of stand-up. For his fifth episode, he diverted a bit and interviewed me for 30 minutes on unintentional comedy in MMA, what makes a great SNL, laugh tracks on sitcoms and Family Guy.

Here is Episode 5, coincidentally one of my favorite numbers.

MMA Writing

Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Weekly

I submitted my debut column to Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez’ co-branded WO/F4W site on the lack of promotion for Strikeforce’s Nick Diaz/KJ Noons rematch. I’ve been an admirer of Dave and Bryan’s for years now and this was awesome they ran this. Look for more on the site in upcoming months.

Strikeforce swings and misses on Nate Diaz/KJ Noons preview

Bleacher Report

I compiled my monthly preview for the slate of MMA in October, something that I really enjoy doing as it helps me get a handle on what’s coming. As some other audio projects have taken center stage, I haven’t written a ton for B/R lately but that will change soon.

Brock vs. Cain, Diaz/Noons II Highlight October MMA Schedule

Email Marketing Writing

What I Learned About Email Marketing At New York Comic Con

My creative partner Ben and headed off to New York Comic Con in October and while there, I ran into my old friend email marketing at the 38 Studios booth….and I also met Curt Schilling so that’s a win right there.

Latest Claim That Email Marketing Is Dead Is A Bunch of Zombie Garbage

This was my response to another email marketing is dead post and I got a good reference to zombies in there.

Email Marketing Portion of Virtual Bartender Is Pretty Awesome

While at the liquor store, I found inspiration. Of course.


Ben and Josh’s Near Mint Comic Show

For the past few years, Ben Peirce and I have been recording the Near Mint Comic Show, a monthly (or so) podcast focusing on comic books and other pop culture-type discussions. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and it’s a lot of fun. The more people hear it, the more fans we seem to get so that’s pretty awesome.

In any case, we did take a trip to the 2010 New York Comic Con and did a lead-up podcast that was half-comics, half a fall TV preview. In any case, enjoy Episode 27: TV Funhouse.

Josh Nason is a freelance journalist who has penned pieces for FIGHT! Magazine, Apollo (Australia) Magazine, Manchester Magazine and more. While he loves to write about mixed martial arts and email marketing, blogging about music and observations on life are passions as well. Follow him at Twitter and check out his audio archive of appearances.