New Stuff: yours truly on viral videos, The Bam Theory movie and some UFC

Got a few new posts around the interwebs and need to make a commitment to post those here.


Bear Frazer and the making of The BAM Theory

Long feature for B/R on Frazer, a FIGHT! Magazine journalist who has been pushing forward with an MMA movie he’s been dying to make. This is quite a story and one that anyone sitting on pushing forward with their dream should read.

UFC 126 Wrap: Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones is the UFC’s next big superfight

A notebook wrap from the recent UFC event and why I think Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones could be an un-freakin-believable fight in 2012.

You can’t plan a viral video, dummy. It just happens.

My debut post for on why you can’t plan out a viral video. That’s part of the charm: it just happens on its own.

Audio Updates

I updated my Libsyn page with recent audio appearances including:

WGAM MMA Minute – Week of February 7

January 29th appearance on The Fight Network’s Review-An-Impact. Fun show where I talk Strikeforce and what would get me back as a pro wrestling fan.

January 19th appearance on Rubber Guard Radio talking UFC and old ECW

Josh Nason is a freelance journalist whose work has appeared in FIGHT! Magazine,, and Support his cause to get to cover MMA, follow him and check out his audio archive of appearances.

Josh Nason To Host Weekly MMA Segment on Southern New Hampshire’s WGAM Radio

After a meeting one year ago and some discussions that revived over the past two weeks, I’m happy to announce that yours truly (yes, Josh Nason) will be hosting The MMA Minute on Southern New Hampshire-based WGAM, an ESPN sports radio affiliate that airs on 900 AM in Nashua and 1250 AM in Manchester.

Josh Nason joins the WGAM team for The MMA MinuteEvery week, I’ll be recording 60 seconds of fresh MMA news (results, upcoming events, etc) that will air from Wednesday – Saturday multiple times every day. We are looking for sponsors for a 30-second ad to accompany the spots, so if interested, contact me and we’ll go from there.

The station has been around for years and airs a mix of local talk and ESPN programming along with the Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins, the Manchester Monarchs and high school sports. This is their first official foray in the world of mixed martial arts and I’m psyched to be the one to kick things off.

The spots will begin this week, so tune in and listen for my magical voice. If you’re driving, resist the urge to pull over and if you’re at work, you might want to get up and dance.

In all seriousness, this is a great opportunity for me and I can’t thank WGAM enough for throwing me the ball. This could evolve in a few different ways, but for now, I’m going to lock in on providing the best content I can to the listeners every week. If I can educate some non-MMA fans along the way into what the sport is, that’s awesome.

If I can help convert some to our side, even better.

Josh Nason is a freelance journalist who has penned pieces for FIGHT! Magazine, Apollo (Australia) Magazine, Manchester Magazine and more. While he loves to write about mixed martial arts and email marketing, blogging about music and observations on life are passions as well. Follow him at Twitter and check out his audio archive of appearances.