Five ways to be better prepared for a job layoff

img_0024Of all the things I wanted to be considered an expert in, being unemployed wasn’t one of them.

Since my cut in mid-July and the subsequent collapse in the economy (of which state leaders and finance experts have blamed on me), I’ve been contacted by old friends and acquaintances who have aired their own concerns about possibly getting laid off. In the past month alone, two friends got the pink slip and unfortunately, I think there are more to come. Good people are losing their security every day and you could be next – happy holidays.

But maybe you’re bulletproof and maybe you don’t have to worry about losing your job. If that’s the case, it’s always good to review what’s going on with your professional life in the case that you do or are thinking about leaving your gig.

Here’s five suggestions I have based on my experiences, both pre and post layoff. Some of these you may be doing, some of these you may be doing not so well and worse, some of you might not be doing any of these. Continue reading